CSAT supports the Australian Essential Eight mitigation strategies

QS solutions launched a new assessment type to help measure an organization’s compliance with the Australian Essential Eight controls.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed prioritized mitigation strategies to help organizations defend against cyber threats. These strategies are collectively known as the Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents. The most effective among them are the Essential Eight. This set of strategies is specifically designed to protect Microsoft Windows-based, internet-connected networks.

The Essential Eight principles can be applied to cloud services, enterprise mobility, and other operating systems. However, they weren’t primarely designed for these uses. Alternative mitigation strategies might therefore be more suitable to address unique cyber threats. Recognizing this gap, QS solutions steps in with a tailored solution.

Enhanced cybersecurity with QS solutions

On top of the Essential Eight, QS solutions offers an additional set of controls to conduct an even more comprehensive cybersecurity assessment. The additional controles are structured on the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CISv8).

By integrating the controls, Australian cybersecurity providers utilizing our CSAT can efficiently gain deeper insights into an organization’s cybersecurity posture. This empowers organizations to make informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity investments.

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