Cyber Security is more than just technical security

Cyber Security means firewalls and penetration tests to most people. The general opinion is that getting these technical aspects sorted out
means a tick in the box for Cyber Security, right? Of course, firewalls and penetration tests are important, but this doesn’t mean that Cyber Security can be taken off the agenda. User activity within the IT infrastructure by administrators, end-users and external partners and customers cannot be ignored. This is where one of the major security risks resides: the end-user taking security risks without even realising that they are doing so.

3-Layer Cyberspace Model

In an article in the Magazine for National Security and Crisis Management in 2015, Prof. dr. ir. Jan van den Berg identified three separate layers for cyber security:

What’s going on in your IT infrastructure?

Most organisations are aware of the security status of the technical layer and organisations with, for example, ISO27001 certification also have the Governance layer under control. The reason many organisations do not know what is happening in the Social-Technical layer is that it is very difficult to monitor correctly. The IT infrastructure is complex and changes daily and there is a huge amount of activity in this layer. This makes manually monitoring and assessing this activity a huge task.

Demonstrate how secure your systems are

QS solutions developed the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) specifically to assess Cyber Security status. In a matter of a few days, the CSAT will assess your security status in the technical, social-technical and governance layers. Using automated scans, state of the art algorithms and a questionnaire, the CSAT delivers an action plan to improve your security based on facts collected from your IT infrastructure. CSAT scans your servers, laptops, Active Directory and Azure AD. In addition to this, activity in Office 365, SharePoint and the fileshares is monitored. The CSAT provides a reliable indicator of your security status and allows you to invest in security only in the areas where it is required. CSAT enables you to proactively address structural vulnerabilities.

Want to know more about CSAT?

We are happy to help you on the way with a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure and all vulnerabilities with a clear roadmap and well-defined priorities.

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