Mariette Jansen – Lead consultant for Qare365, people person and skilled embroiderer

In this series, we introduce our team to you one by one. What is their function within QS solutions? Who are they as a person? Why are they a match for the organization? And what do they actually do in their spare time? This will give you as a customer, business partner or new colleague a picture of the people behind our logo!

Today in the spotlight:

Mariette Jansen – Lead consultant for Qare365, people person and skilled embroiderer


Employed for the Second Time

Mariette is, in fact, working at QS solutions for the second time. The first time – many years ago – it was called DBS Business Solutions, but the management team was almost the same as it is now. Back then, she worked for about ten years as a marketer. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there, but due to developments in internet and e-marketing, she decided to pursue a role elsewhere as an online marketer.

Fifteen years, several companies, and various roles later, she felt it was time for a change. She noticed a job opening for the service desk at QS solutions, took the initiative, and applied. Fortunately for her, the search for someone with a completed CRM education had been unsuccessful until then, giving her the opportunity, she hoped for.

From Commodore to Qare365

After nearly two years at the service desk, Mariette advanced to the position of lead consultant for Qare365, QS solutions’ CRM solution tailored for the healthcare sector. But her journey didn’t stop there: she has recently become the product owner. This means that, in addition to her other duties, she is closely involved in the product’s further development.


“A Lifelong Affinity for Software”


Mariette’s interest in software began early on. As a child, she was fond of her first Commodore. A career in that field seemed natural, but since the courses at that time weren’t particularly geared towards women, she chose a different path. However, her passion for software remained. She was an avid player of games like Age of Empires, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Minecraft for years. Later, during her career as an online marketer, she built websites and prototypes herself.

Embroidery Artworks

Mariette is married and, besides having two grown-up children, owns a dachshund (Abby) and a cat (Romy). In her leisure time, she often seeks tranquility, a contrast to her busy job. Her now 89-year-old father-in-law introduced her to embroidery, and thanks to him, Mariette has mastered the craft. She creates true artworks, but her husband is discerning: only the very best embroideries get displayed at home. After all, he grew up surrounded by embroidery and has an eye for it!

Mariette’s remaining free hours are spent reading (“mainly fantasy, detective stories, and thrillers”), gardening, cycling, and walking. She cherishes moments with friends and family. “Cooking together, catching up, and lots of laughter!” She also loves to travel. So much so that she dreams of someday spending six months traveling in a camper or convertible, following the sun or exploring the edges of Europe.

Preferably On-Site with the Client

Mariette is involved in the implementation and guidance of the intake process at healthcare institutions. This process involves registering new patients in Qare365 to find the best match for their care needs and optimally support the client journey from start to finish. For this, Mariette works two to three days a week on-site with the client and an additional one to two days remotely.


“I am the linchpin connecting all the dots.”


What Mariette enjoys most about her job is the interaction with clients and colleagues. She’s a people person and a connector, drawing energy from collaboratively working with various individuals towards a shared goal in a constructive and exhilarating manner. As a lead consultant, she’s responsible for the client, and it’s not always just about building and implementing Qare365. She plays an advisory role, contributes to process discussions, and essentially acts as the linchpin connecting all aspects.

The knowledge and experience she gained in her roles as an (online) marketer are invaluable. “The intake process in healthcare is also a customer journey with various touchpoints. Hence, it’s crucial to shape the process in the software as effectively as possible and continuously assess where you derive measurable value. How can you further enhance and streamline the process? How do you entice the end-user to take the next step? Assisting clients with these challenges is what I find most rewarding!”

Mariette on QS solutions

“The support from the team was pleasant right from the start. When I joined the service desk, I was immediately given the opportunity and time to obtain relevant Microsoft certifications. With these certifications, I could answer customer queries more effectively and had the chance to resolve issues, relieving the consultants. Step by step, I progressed over a few years: from service desk employee to junior consultant, then to lead consultant, and now even product owner.


“Especially since the pandemic, the emphasis in the office is on socializing.”


I appreciate the flexibility in my work, both in terms of location and hours. I work 36 hours a week, but instead of taking half a day off every week, I take every other Friday off. It’s wonderful to have that option! I often work from home, where there are no distractions, and I can focus 100% on my tasks for the day. For me, the office – especially post-pandemic – is more about connecting with colleagues and enjoying the camaraderie, and there’s ample room for that. Of course, we have meetings on those days, but they’re more relaxed than before. The goal is mutual inspiration and achieving the best results together for the client and the company.”

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