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Cybersecurity-specialist QS solutions secures Growth Capital

AMSTERDAM, 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Capital A has acquired a stake in QS solutions, a company working with a worldwide partner network of distributors including ALSO, Ingram Micro and Tech Data to sell their proprietary software products: the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) and PortalTalk – a Security & Governance add-on for Microsoft Teams. QS solutions also delivers implementation consultancy services for Microsoft Cloud products including Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

Cyber Security is more than just technical security

Cyber Security means firewalls and penetration tests to most people. The general opinion is that getting these technical aspects sorted out
means a tick in the box for Cyber Security, right? Of course, firewalls and penetration tests are important, but this doesn’t mean that Cyber Security can be taken off the agenda. User activity within the IT infrastructure by administrators, end-users and external partners and customers cannot be ignored. This is where one of the major security risks resides: the end-user taking security risks without even realising that they are doing so.

Cyber Security

Today’s greatest challenge for data security

We worry more and more about our privacy, both in our private and working lives. It’s more important than ever that our data is stored safely and processed with our privacy in mind.

The number of Facebook users who left the social network following a recent breach demonstrates this clearly. In order to prevent this type of infringement, the European Union decided to issue a regulation designed to protect the personal details of European citizens: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is in force as of 25th of May 2018. The message being sent by the new regulation is clear: “treat personal data with care’.

Cyber security actieplan

How can you develop an action plan to improve IT security?

Developing an action plan to improve the security of the IT infrastructure is not simple. Where should you get started? What are the priorities? What vulnerabilities are there? IT infrastructure is complex and there are many aspects to be taken into consideration. Your gut-feeling is that improvements can be made but getting hard facts to back that feeling up is time-consuming. There must be a better way!