Today’s greatest challenge for data security

We worry more and more about our privacy, both in our private and working lives. It’s more important than ever that our data is stored safely and processed with our privacy in mind.

The number of Facebook users who left the social network following a recent breach demonstrates this clearly. In order to prevent this type of infringement, the European Union decided to issue a regulation designed to protect the personal details of European citizens: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is in force as of 25th of May 2018. The message being sent by the new regulation is clear: “treat personal data with care’.

This has a significant impact on the cyber-security approach for organisations and businesses. They have been forced to optimise and formalise process, legal and technical aspects of their security. In addition to this, they must be able to demonstrate that they have taken several measures to protect the personal data held by their business. If this is not done, then companies face not only risks in terms of fines but also negative publicity.

Organisations which are growing in size and turnover usually have a growing and more complex IT infrastructure. Companies with a strong Firewall, adequate virus scanner and comprehensive penetration test have already taken steps towards GDPR compliancy. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the GDPR task has been completed. For example: activities within the IT infrastructure (carried out by administrators, employees, external partners and customers) must also be checked and secured.

How can you get started?

First and foremost, it is important to have a comprehensive insight into the current state of affairs in you IT infrastructure. This enables you to draw up a risk-based priority list with integral quick-wins to make structural improvements to your security. This way, you can avoid unnecessary investments and prepare your organisation for the increasing requirements in the area of privacy.

Are you looking for a consistent approach to your data? Do you want to work in conformance with the GDPR-regulations?

We are happy to help you on the way with a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure and all vulnerabilities with a clear roadmap and well-defined priorities. Let’s get in touch!