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There’s a good chance that your company will, at some point, be affected by cybercrime: ransomware, phishing mails and/or DDos-attacks. These days, the risk that your systems will be attacked is greater than the risk of your offices being broken into. Also, there is always a chance that an employee will e-mail the wrong file or share the wrong screen during a Teams meeting. But where should you start when managing cybersecurity risks. And how can you prevent information security from having a negative effect on productivity and still allow your organisation to adopt modern working (from home) principles.

Around 60% of organisations have increased their security budgets since the start of the Corona epidemic. That sounds good but these investments are often concentrated on security software.

That can only prevent a part of cybercrime. In order to make really well-informed decisions over the necessity and priority of new security initiatives, you need to have a good insight into your current cybersecurity posture.

That presents a major problem: getting this insight into your organisation’s entire digital security is unbelievably difficult and complicated. What exactly are the weaknesses in your security and how is that changing over time? Take advantage of the cybersecurity experience we have gained from numerous worldwide projects and increase your cyber-resilience.

Our approach

At QS solutions we have embraced Zero Trust: never trust, always verify. We treat all digital requests as if they were a breach originating from an open network. This is the only way your organisation can protect itself from digital threats and stay ahead of new types of cybercrime. You can also carry out periodic assessments with our Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT), test the current status of your security and deal effectively with any weaknesses.

In addition to this, you profit from our experience in worldwide projects and the cloud-native security solutions from Microsoft. This will enable you to manage a large range of security risks and still ensure that your end-users can continue to work safely and without any problems.

Our solutions

Security Assessment

Do you want to assess the status of your security measures quickly and easily? Our Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) identifies weaknesses and delivers relevant recommendations and an effective action plan.

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Cloud Identity & Access Management

Effective management of the different identities in your network is essential. Our Cloud Identity & Access Management offers real-time protection and ongoing analysis for end-users, devices, locations and behaviour.

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Unified Endpoint Management

It goes without saying that you want all end-users to be able to work safely on any device, anywhere and anytime. That’s what Unified Endpoint Management does: detection, identification and react to all digital threats.

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Data Security

Our Data Security solutions help to classify all incoming data. We can classify the data using different labels. This helps to restrict access and prevent possible misuse.

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