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Define who has access to your online systems

Identity management is the basis for all security measures. In order to facilitate users to work anywhere and on any device, user accounts must be extremely secure. This identity is, after all, the online key used to verify a user’s identity and provide access to data. You can define this access on the basis of the users tasks and roles. Because the identity plays such a crucial role in security, the consequences when a online identity is compromised can be significant. Your organisation is subject to legal requirements like AVG/GDPR. That’s one of the reasons that your online systems and User accounts have to be well protected. Another important reason is to reassure your customers; their data must be kept secure on your systems.

With the Cloud Identity & Access Management services from QS solutions, you can be sure you’re your Access Control is secure. For instance, Single Sign-on for your cloud applications combined with Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access. This means that after a single log-in with two factor verification, the user has access to the exact apps, functions and data they need on your online systems. At QS solutions, we believe in “better safe than sorry”. That’s why, as part of our Cloud Identity & Access Management service, we analyse users, devices, locations and behaviour in real time in order to calculate risks. This allows us to offer continual protection.

How does it work?

Cloud Identity & Access Management means making sure that only verified users and devices have access to your online systems. At QS solutions, we also believe that security measures mustn’t have a negative effect on the productivity. We believe that a good Identity & Access Management system can provide users with an excellent user experience. We also believe in the inspirational and valuable Microsoft vision with regard to Identity Lifecycle Management. That’s why the HR system is such an important source for creating, editing and deactivating User Accounts. We’ve worked with the Microsoft Identity & Access Management products for many years to help organisations to build a solid Identity Lifecycle process and authorisation matrix based on Roles – both on-premise and in the cloud.

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