Data Security

Smart Data Security

Make Data Security your priority


All data received is classified.

Data labels

Data is sorted into categories by labelling.


Access is granted based on labels.

Protect your company data from misuse and theft

All organisations store confidential data. Securing that data is extremely important. A data breach can be disastrous for your company because company or personal data falling in to the wrong hands can have a huge impact on those involved. That’s why you, as a company, are responsible for securing (personal) data safely and also legally required to take appropriate measures against data breaches and hackers. As defined in the AVG/GDPR legislation for example. You are also obligated to report any data hack or breach. Excellent data security is not only important – it’s essential – both for yourself and everyone you collaborate with.

At the same time, the chance that you will be confronted with cybercrime and data breaches is increasing all the time. Phishing mails, for instance, are more and more difficult to detect just by looking at them and a human error is easily made. How do you prevent ransomware holding your organisation hostage? The Data Security solutions from QS solutions help to protect your data against cybercrime and data breaches and prevent unauthorised persons gaining access to your data. We provide care free, continuous and smart protection which won’t impair the productivity of your employees.

How does it work?

At QS solutions we don’t believe in waiting until things go wrong and the first data breach is discovered. We’d rather get ahead of hackers and virus-spreaders and that’s why we apply our proactive Data Security solutions to make sure that all data is continually monitored. It doesn’t matter where the data is generated, where it comes from or where it’s stored. You decide what the categories and access labels are – in line with your security policy. That’s how we make sure that there are different levels of editing permissions and restricted, complete or no access depending on the label and the category. Our Data Security solutions also make it possible to check for, identify and research possible misuse of sensitive information and react accordingly.

Prevent data breaches

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