Azure Information Protection

Protection outside the organisation

Test this security


Policy rules classify how sensitive information is.


Track shared data and revoke access if necessary.

Cloud & on-premises

Protection of company data in all storage locations.

What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?

Collaboration can be made easier – both inside and outside your organisation. And you don’t have to worry about the risk of sensitive company data falling into the wrong hands. Azure Information Protection (AIP) tests and protects all e-mails, documents and sensitive data being shared both internally and outside your organisation. The cloud-based security solution offers protection varying from simple classification up to and including embedded labels and permissions. These labels can be attached automatically or manually to a document or e-mail depending on the sensitivity level. You can also configure Azure Information Protection to automatically classify the data and QS solutions can set up automatic recommendations for the users.

Azure Information Protection then offers protection with encryption, restricted access and rights and integrated security with Microsoft 365 apps. This allows you to protect your data no matter which data storage location is being used and where the data is located. You can define who has access to which data and what that person can do with the data like viewing, editing, not being able to forward and not printing. You can also track what is happening with the shared data using the powerful logging and reporting features. If required, you can even revoke access to the data.


Message encryption

Send encrypted e-mails – both internally and outside the organisation, even to Gmail and Outlook mail.

Integrated solution

Integrated document and e-mail protection in all Microsoft 365-apps.

Security templates

Standard security templates or tailored templates offer optimal protection.

Rights management

Protect important documents against unauthorised access.

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