Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalise relationships and experience

Improve the customer journey

Customer journey


Make a difference at every stage of the customer journey.

Accounts en Contacten

Ready to go

Offer the personal touch for every contact moment.

360 graden klantbeeld


Develop better customer relationships with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven insights.

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

The right message at the right time for the right person. That’s the key to effective customer communication. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing makes sure that communication with your target groups is meaningful and personalised – exactly when it’s relevant. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to offer the customer an optimal experience at every point in the customer journey – from website visit to delivery. It offers powerful e-mail marketing, supports customer events and webinars, a higher level of customer satisfaction, smart integration with the website and much more.

Developing a trusted relationship with customers, exceeding expectations and really building customer loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you do this by providing useful insights, smart tools and relevant actions. You can also profit from AI-driven advice for content, channels and customer segmentation. QS solutions consultants have years of hands-on marketing experience. They will make sure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is perfectly tailored to your organisation and activities. Because sales is a team sport, we pay particular attention to a good partnership between de marketing and sales departments. That helps when developing even more powerful and personalised marketing campaigns that really resonate.


Realtime customer journey

Develop the right channels, predict interaction and create appropriate content.

Holistic marketing approach

Bundle and coordinate services for marketing, sales and commerce.

The replacement for Excel

Geen Excel sheets voor mailings, evenementen, deelnemers en noshows.

The bridge between marketing and sales

Marketeers and sales have access to the same information.

Artificial Intelligence

Personalise customer experience with AI-driven advice.


All the tools and functionality you need in a single integrated, configurable platform.

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