Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Stay productive and secure – anywhere, any device

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One identity with Single Sign-On.

Single security suite

Protect data and users.


Without hampering productivity

What is Enterprise Mobility + Security ?

Save time and stimulate productivity with Microsoft EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security). This security platform delivers secure connections between people, devices, applications and data. It doesn’t matter which location or device is being used. That means that every employee can use their preferred device – Windows, iOS, Mac OS X or Android. It could even be a private device.

Microsoft EMS provides simple access control and management. The innovative identity solutions works with Single Sign-On for all your organisation’s applications. That’s how the security solution doesn’t hamper the productivity of your employees. And management is simple and clear.

You profit from Microsoft’s security data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), including machine learning. This allows inconsistencies and security threats to be detected quickly. The platform reacts quickly to malicious actions, both on-premise and in the cloud, and that’s how it provides the maximum level of protection for you company data and applications against digital threats on all endpoints and identities.

With QS solutions, you can be sure that Microsoft EMS will provide optimal functionality for your organisation. We offer the best protection, detection and reaction system for your mobile workforce. Even if that means configuring extra security functions on top of your EMS implementation so that your entire infrastructure is protected against digital threats.


Flexible work

Secure on every device and operating system.

Secure connection

Thanks to innovative identity and Access Management.

Integrated package

Management and overview with all tools in one product.

Improve productivity

Easy access to company apps and data from any location.

Smart Security

Detect and react quickly to digital threats.

Comprehensive functionality

Optimal protection with extra security features.

Maximise security with Enterprise Mobility + Security ?

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