Microsoft 365 Defender

Integrated security against risks

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Simple management thanks to protection for Microsoft 365.


State-of-the-art artificial intelligence and powerful automation.

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Comprehensive protection against various sorts of digital attacks.

What is Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft Defender 365 offers effective and efficient protection for organisations at any stage of a cyberattack. Digital threats are becoming more extensive, complex and persistent. Keeping up with all developments is a major challenge for security teams. Microsoft 365 Defender can help them – and save a lot of time and effort. A powerful range of filters prevents and detects various types of attack, including targeted attacks like phishing, ransomware and (advanced) malware. Microsoft 365 Defender analyses threats in all data and domains automatically and stops attacks before they take place.

Thanks to state of the art artificial intelligence and automation, Microsoft 365 Defender improves the efficiency of your security.

The integrated security solution tracks down potential threats and restores a secure status through ultra-fast reaction and immediate recovery. The comprehensive analysis offers a complete overview of every attack in a single dashboard. You spend less time on detection and reaction and clear indicators give you more time to work on a powerful approach against critical threats.

A greater level of awareness among your end users about potential security threats can prevent new attacks. That’s why Microsoft 365 Defender offers extensive simulation and training functionality to increase this awareness. In addition to this, QS solutions provides consultancy about secure templates and configurations so that your organisation becomes and stays secure.



Powerful filters prevent various kinds of (targeted) attacks.


Artificial intelligence detects malicious and suspicious content and attack patterns.


Fast, comprehensive and effective response.


Simulation and training features improve end user risk-awareness.

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