Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM QuickStart

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Organize your sales process with a clear view of prospects.

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Includes a subscription with all software licenses and support.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM QuickStart?

Many organizations have the same basic CRM process: keeping track of account and contact details, managing forecasts, and executing marketing campaigns. Yet, often a completely new implementation is carried out in which all wishes and requirements are discussed in detail. This can be done differently.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, QS solutions have developed a ready-to-use CRM system that makes your CRM processes much more efficient, faster, and more effective. Based on a standard setup of accounts, contacts, and sales opportunities, you quickly gain an overview and can start targeted campaigns – often within just a few days!

A more efficient sales process begins with a clear display of all essential information.

This includes all customers with whom there was no contact in the past month – including the exact contact person for each organization. The CRM system also links targets to account managers and objectives per customer – and everything is neatly recorded.

QS solutions’ CRM QuickStart requires no significant upfront investments. You can immediately take advantage of powerful functionalities based on a fixed price per employee per month. We provide the licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing and the configuration of accounts, including contact details, sales opportunities, and marketing campaigns. Additionally, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our consultants who come by (periodically) and think along.


Accounts & Contacts

All contacts and moments of contact clearly organized for the entire organization.


Clear plan per customer and targets per account manager always in view.

Marketing Campaigns

Effective campaigns for the right target group based on the CRM.

CRM QuickStart

Automated data import and templates ensure a quick start.

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