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What is Purview Data Loss Protection?

Microsoft’s Purview Data Loss Protection (DLP) is a sophisticated solution designed to streamline data governance and bolster compliance procedures. This system enables users to manage data accessibility swiftly, efficiently, and securely, thereby mitigating potential risks.

The Purview DLP serves as a pivotal component in achieving robust data governance, thereby amplifying the worth of data solutions. Operating within a singular, centralized environment facilitates clear data definitions and consistent labeling. It equips users with comprehensive tools to locate valuable data and harness this information optimally.

Key features of Purview DLP include data availability and loss prevention, comprehensive data identification, real-time encryption of co-authored documents, lifecycle management and code of conduct analysis. In addition, Purview DLP incorporates intelligent scanners capable of identifying errors and privacy-sensitive data, thereby enhancing security and ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

Purview DLP is cloud-based, it simplifies the implementation of new applications. It also seamlessly integrates with other cloud services and products. In essence, Purview DLP is an invaluable solution for any organization aiming to boost operational efficiency while upholding stringent data security measures.



Automatic classification of sensitive data.


Identification of risks and vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and reporting

Continuous monitoring and reporting of data.


Integration with Azure Information Protection for data security.

Custom policies

Ability to create and enforce custom policies

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