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Control of your planning, budget, resources, issues, risks and progress.


All documents available in one central location; always.


Easy collaboration with all internal and external parties.

What is Microsoft Project Online?

How can you keep projects, resources and teams on track? Project management in these fast-changing times is a huge challenge. Budgets are often under pressure and many organisations are being asked to more with less people. At the same time, there is more and more pressure and you‘re faced with countless uncertainties and risks. Microsoft Project Online can help you gain control in these busy and uncertain times. Control of people, budgets, tasks and progress. This smart tool for Project and Portfolio management (PPM) provides continually updated insights from any location and helps you take better decisions. Which project will yield the best return? Where are the pitfalls in a project? And what are the potential challenges still to come? Microsoft Project Online gives you the answers. And that helps you to decide on priorities and make changes.

Microsoft Project Online provides you with a strong planning tool and project administration in one single tool. You get an integrated view of the available resources, unresolved issues, potential risks and progress of and within projects. All this information is available in one place for all stakeholders; anytime, anywhere. That makes collaboration with various project members, advisors, subcontractors, researchers and freelancers simple and a lot more efficient. Microsoft Project Online prevents misunderstandings, saves time and makes plans a lot more realistic.


Planning tool

A clear overview of all progress, resources and (potential) issues.

Portfolio Management

All stakeholders are always informed via the app or desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Task reports

Easy to manage tasks, including task allocation and agreed objectives.

Risk management

All current problems and potential future risks identified. That helps when changing plans and setting priorities.

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