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Accurate business cases for cloud migrations and security improvements

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Optimize the results and present the results so that it’s easy for the business to make strategic decisions.


Start an open conversation about the costs with accurate calculations.


Faster turnaround time for your cloud and security business cases.

What is The CloudLab?

Over the past few years we have performed in excess of 1500 viability studies for Microsoft enabling customers to make a solid decision based on real facts and criteria when selecting Cloud and Security technologies. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure & Security, it’s safe to say that we are experts when it comes to the (pricing) complexity of Azure and Security.

The CloudLab helps clarify, visualize, and summarize the total cost of ownership of cybersecurity improvements and the potential benefits of a migration to Azure Cloud. And it does it with a turnaround time of days instead of weeks or months.


Fast decision

Make decisions based on accurate information in less than a few hours.

Build scenario’s

Create a scenario and optimize the pricing by tuning the effects of right-sizing, snoozing, applying reserved instances, Azure Hybrid benefits and more.


All Microsoft pricing conditions and rules are embedded, presenting accurate calculations in any currency.


Resulting in a detailed, automatically generated ready-to-go PowerPoint for management presentations.

Want to calculate the total cost of ownership for your migration or security projects? Make sure you have the right tool!

Dennis Dols

Business Unit Lead ISV
+31 (0)6 46152576

If you want to experience how easy it is to create an Azure and Cybersecurity business case with CloudLab, send your business case details to . We will work with you to prepare the business case, explain the set-up in a Teams session and give you access to CloudLab so that you can complete the case yourself.

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