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The dependence on mobile devices is increasing, both in private and work settings. Smartphones, laptops, tablets… they ensure that data is accessible everywhere and that we are always available. Good news for your employees’ productivity!

The flip side is that these types of devices come with significant security risks. If employees use them to access sensitive company data, how do you ensure that this data remains out of unauthorized hands? What happens if a device is lost or stolen? Can access to this data be remotely revoked?

Another problem is that mobile devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks and malware, for example. The apps employees use are not necessarily secure, and often do not comply with the organization’s rules and regulations.

How do you balance the costs of protecting and managing mobile devices with the benefits they offer?

Microsoft provides various solutions for Mobile Device Management (MDM), such as Azure Active Directory, Defender for Endpoint, and Intune.

These solutions protect mobile devices, for example through device encryption, secure data storage, and enforcement of policies on all devices.

Moreover, thanks to Microsoft’s MDM solutions, you can easily manage, update, and maintain mobile devices centrally. This saves a lot of time and reduces costs!

For organizations that adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy, fully managing devices can be challenging. That’s why Microsoft also offers Mobile Application Management (MAM). MAM enables you to securely manage applications on mobile devices, without taking full control of the entire device.

This allows employees to work efficiently, while you maintain control and ensure optimal data security.

How does it work?

Step 1 Based on your requirements and preferences, we’ll tell you about the possibilities. Our consultants have years of experience and are familiar with the best practices for setting up MDM solutions like no other.

Step 2 We’ll create an action plan and proposal to execute the implementation in a way that best aligns with your business.

Step 3 Our consultants will work with your team to install and configure the technology. Documentation of the setup and training for administrators and users are included in this process.

Step 4 We will establish management agreements with you to ensure that the implemented solutions remain operational and up to date.

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Regain control over mobile devices in your organization

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