Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

Protection against unauthorized access

Protect my business against unauthorized access


Restrict, manage, and monitor admin accounts


Simplify regulatory adherence


Save time and effort with a central management environment

Managing admin accounts made easy

t is the concern of many IT managers and security officers: the jumble of “admin” user accounts within the organization and beyond, and the risks this entails.

And so it should be, because users who have administrative rights can – intentionally or unintentionally – make changes to the system, access sensitive information, and install potentially malicious software.

This affects system security, and can lead to data leaks, data corruption and system instability. In addition, it increases the risk of vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, making it easier for cybercriminals to gain access to critical systems and data.

The challenge is to work according to the principle of least privilege without it having a negative impact on employee productivity. To get a grip on administrative accounts, so you know who has administrative rights, for what purpose and for which duration. And to make managing and protecting user privileges easier and more efficient.

Optimize access rights management and security with PIM

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) offers the ideal solution for this. It provides a centralized and automated way to manage and limit access rights. Upon approval, users can receive temporary (just-in-time) access to specific authorizations that expires automatically after a pre-set period of time. PIM manages the temporary access and keeps a log of all system activities of these users.

This helps you minimize the risk of unauthorized use of admin accounts, and makes compliance with laws and regulations a lot easier.

How does it work?

Step 1 During the intake, we’ll give you the ins and outs on how Microsoft PIM can give substance to the safe allocation of administrative rights to certain employees.

Step 2 A clear step-by-step plan shows what actions are required, which of those you can carry out yourself, and how QS solutions can assist you in implementing the solution.

Step 3 PIM is implemented by our consultants. We test and document the solution with you, and of course we train your administrators in its use.

Step 4 The PIM set-up must be kept up-to-date, and reports must be followed up. You can also engage us for periodic maintenance and support!

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