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Quick and effective control over workstations

Is manually managing and securing laptops and desktops taking up more and more of your time? Users want the freedom to choose their own applications, but seldom realize the impact this can have. How do you protect all those devices from viruses, ransomware, or malware? Can you even remember which applications are installed on each workstation? How secure is the data in case of theft or loss?

The challenges of managing hybrid IT environments

The fact is that users – and their workstations – increasingly operate outside the corporate network. They work from home, visit clients, or travel domestically or internationally. Often, an organization’s hybrid IT environment is not set up for remote and home working.

This poses risks that can have serious consequences for the security of company data and other sensitive information.

It has become nearly impossible to manually keep a grip on all workstations and the applications installed on them. It’s time-consuming, and you quickly lose track.

More control and protection of your workstations with a central admin environment

What you need is a central admin environment that allows you to easily protect and manage all devices remotely. More insight and control, no matter where the workstations are located. A solution that rapidly detects cyber threats, and safeguards data against unauthorized access. This not only saves you plenty of time, but also ensures that your organization is optimally protected.

Microsoft offers a number of useful tools for this purpose!

How does it work?

Step 1 We assess the current situation and, based on your preferences, determine how best to utilize Defender for Endpoint and/or Intune for the management and protection of your workstations.

Step 2 We create a step-by-step plan that outlines what is needed to achieve the desired situation. This will result in a concrete proposal.

Step 3 Defender and Intune will be configured and made available on all devices. We test and document each step, and provide training for your IT administrators.

Step 4 The tools must be kept up to date. We periodically review everything, check that you still have everything you need, and keep you informed of new developments.

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Regain control over your organization's workstations

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