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Protecting user identities is a challenge for many organizations. What if they fall into the hands of cybercriminals, for example as a result of a hack attack, the use of weak passwords, or a data breach from an external vendor?

When usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information end up in the wrong hands, malicious actors can cause significant harm to the organization. By encrypting data or spreading malware, for example, or by gaining access to the network or other accounts.

The consequences can be enormous. Data breaches, financial liability, legal implications… Not to mention the reputational damage and its impact on customer trust in your organization. In short, it’s the nightmare of many CEOs, CFOs, and IT managers.

Microsoft provides a wide range of solutions to protect identities without compromising user convenience. This makes it much easier to grant secure access to corporate resources and applications.

By doing so, you minimize the risk of identity fraud or a data breach, and demonstrate that your organization takes cybersecurity very seriously.

However, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, and some advice would be helpful. A good talk with a consultant who understands which combination of solutions best suits your organization.

For this, you’ve come to the right place at QS solutions.

How does it work?

Step 1 During the intake, we discuss your requirements and preferences, assess your current situation, and provide information about the various possibilities within the  Microsoft Identity Platform.

Step 2 We map out the necessary steps and identify suitable solutions. We show you what you can do on your own and how we can assist you.

Step 3 Our experienced consultants handle the implementation and configuration. There is ample opportunity for testing and documentation, and for training your IT administrators.

Step 4 We periodically review the solutions, and if necessary, we assist you in keeping the systems up to date and addressing any notifications.

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