Webinar: Add TCO calculations to your CSAT assessment with The CloudLab

During this webinar, Roeland and Dennis will update you on a new product in the QS solutions portfolio: The CloudLab. After hearing your feedback that a Total Cost of Ownership calculation would be of great added value in your Cybersecurity Assessments, we are happy to present the CSAT integration with The CloudLab, a web-based TCO calculator.

CSAT data is input in CloudLab for a Security TCO to present accurate and clear business cases, compared with industry standards, and to inform the client about the security investments and savings in the Microsoft Cloud. And there is more with the CloudLab integration… Your CSAT assessment outcomes can also deliver Cross Solution TCO’s via CloudLab, extending you conversations to all Cloud Migrations. It offers TCO’s for Azure Migrate, Azure SQL, Azure Virtual Desktop and Dynamics 365.

Join our on-demand webinar to learn how CloudLab can play a unique role in powering your cybersecurity strategy and help you to create a more connected and engaged conversation with your customers.