Bertrik Kruizenga – Microsoft consultant with a unique name and a passion for user experience

In this series, we introduce our team to you one by one. What is their function within QS solutions? Who are they as a person? Why are they a match for the organization? And what do they actually do in their spare time? This will give you as a customer, business partner or new colleague a picture of the people behind our logo!

Today in the spotlight:

Bertrik Kruizenga – Microsoft consultant with a unique name and a passion for user experience

Graphing calculator

During his secondary school years, Bertrik discovered that he wanted to do something with computers. He found that his graphing calculator was not just a tool for math, but also a platform to develop games. He recreated a football league game and the experience captivated him. The thrill of transforming an idea into a functional game was what he loved, a sentiment not shared by many of his peers.

However, Bertrik’s aspirations weren’t limited to programming. He wanted to blend his tech skills with interpersonal interactions. This led him to pursue a degree in business computer science, which offered a balanced curriculum of IT and business processes.

User adoption

Upon graduation, Bertrik began his career with a previous employer. There, he eventually started working with SharePoint. Now, at QS solutions, his focus is on cloud productivity and MS Teams. He’s passionate about user experience, emphasizing the importance of user adoption. Bertrik believes, “If users struggle with SharePoint or Teams, they’ll seek alternative storage solutions, compromising organizational control. So, you have to make sure that users can get along with what you’ve delivered.”

“If users struggle with SharePoint or Teams, they’ll seek alternative storage solutions, compromising organizational control.”

To ensure successful adoption, Bertrik engages businesses early on through workshops, ensuring they’re prepared for upcoming changes. He stresses that users must recognize the benefits of change and take ownership of it. “Users have to feel responsible for the change that is coming as well as see the benefit of it. That’s the first step.” Proper training and user-friendly setups are crucial for people to embrace and utilize new tools effectively.

Cycling fan

Bertrik is married and father of two boys aged eight and two. He has a keen interest in following sports, particularly cycling. During the cycling season he likes to participate in an online game where you create and manage a fictional team composed of real riders.

He’s passionate about his profession but believes in drawing a clear line between work and leisure. However, that doesn’t stop him from assisting friends and family with tech issues. For many, these might seem daunting, but for Bertrik, they’re just another enjoyable challenge.

Bertrik is careful with his digital footprint. With a name as unique as “Bertrik Kruizenga,” he’s the only person with that name worldwide. This singularity means every online mention is undeniably about him. “Pretty tricky,” he muses, “but it is what it is!”

Customer relationship

Bertrik strikes a balance, splitting his time between working from home and on-site with clients. For him, “Customer satisfaction is everything.” He derives immense satisfaction from guiding clients, helping them streamline their work processes. This often means challenging their preconceived notions, as he’s well-acquainted with what works and, importantly, what doesn’t.

“Customer satisfaction is everything”

The true measure of success for Bertrik is when he surpasses a client’s expectations. “For me, it’s about building a relationship. It’s nice when a customer comes back to you again and again, even after long intervals. Then you know you’ve done a good job!”

While Bertrik’s title at QS solutions is Microsoft consultant, he emphasizes consulting, user adoption, and training on his LinkedIn profile. He believes this distinction showcases the unique value QS solutions brings to the table, as they offer a holistic package encompassing advice, implementation, and both technical and user training.

Bertrik about QS solutions

Variety is the spice of life for Bertrik. “I like the variation in my work. Just giving training would not suit me. For me, the added value also lies in the fact that at QS solutions we provide training on what we have delivered ourselves, on our own set-up. That is much more valuable than having an external party give a standard Teams training.”

He’s proud of the company’s offerings and their practical application. “Our products are simply good. I know from experience that many companies have the theory about certain methodologies or software in-house, but the difference with QS solutions is that we actually put it into practice and have everything ready to go.”

The endorsement from Microsoft is a feather in their cap. “It genuinely makes me proud that Microsoft recommends our Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CSAT) and PortalTalk. It’s incredibly cool that they refer to QS solutions’ products on their website, isn’t it!”

“QS solutions’ products are just good”

Bertrik appreciates the transparent and collaborative culture at QS solutions. “What’s also nice is that you can influence what we do yourself. If you think something could be done better or differently, you can simply say so, even to the management. There is a no-nonsense culture here and we know what we can expect from each other. I really feel at home here!”

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