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Microsoft Teams is growing daily. That’s a good thing because Teams is full of useful functionality and the more people that use the collaboration tool the easier things become. However, Teams is one of many tools that are “open by design”. That means that you can, of course, configure it so that your organisation doesn’t have video calling with Teams but this type of function is “on” as a default. This type of application also has a limited role and authorisation structure. There is also no access review function. That means that a user can have access for years to documents that are no longer relevant to them. That is worrying at the very least.

It’s not just about security, the governance of an application like Teams is also a challenge. When an application like Teams is used on a large scale, that seems like a good thing. But that can make things confusing. In a short period of time, hundreds of Teams can be created. Do you still know exactly which access you’ve granted and which documents you’ve shared? At the same time, it’s very difficult to agree and enforce working agreements with all employees. Because every end user has their own preferences. Too little thought is also given to lifecycle management. What happens to an account if a team member leaves the organisation? Or what happens if a channel is no longer used?

How does it work?

A cloud workspace often has various applications which make working from home and working remotely more convenient. A common problem is that security and governance are often lacking. Specifically with applications which are regularly used, like Teams. QS solutions makes sure that this type of solution doesn’t start working against your organisation. QS solutions has years of experience in this field, and we have developed standard processes and extensive documentation. And it quickly becomes obvious: security and governance is more than communication and training as part of a User Adoption program. You must monitor the result delivered by the solution, gather and use end user feedback, and anticipate new developments in working methods and products.

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