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Protecting servers, computers and networks effectively is complex for many organisations. Especially as we generate more and more data and collaborate, communicate and share data in so many different ways. After all, we mail, chat, videocall and link all day long with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. And we use all sorts of software products like Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. This results in your data ending up on various online platforms without you even being aware of it. How can you keep that data under control?

Thanks to the digital workspace, working securely has become a real challenge. Your organisation is exposed to many risks on a daily basis due to employees working online with different applications –some you are aware of but also many which are not recognised.

– and often through the use of applications external to the online work environment. And these are usually a requirement to execute work correctly and efficiently. You want everyone to be able to communicate, share files and collaborate anytime, anywhere. How can you make sure that the organisation isn’t kept awake at night worrying about the potential risks involved in all that data traffic? How can you implement an effective but practical security system for all the data which ends up on the various platforms? In other words: how can you create a safe online workspace and get a good night’s sleep?

Our approach

Identifying secure applications and implementing them for online work, communication and collaboration requires a specific skill set. Especially as security risks and product functionality are constantly changing. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we at QS solutions know what works. That’s how we always deliver solutions that suit your organisation perfectly and even support new working practices and make new service offerings possible.

In addition to that, we’re always looking for ways to make things more efficient, secure and user friendly. You always get the solution you’re looking for and definitely works for you. We also know that working securely is more than just a secure connection from a secure device to a secure working environment. It’s also about the mindset of your end-users.

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