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What is the Cyber Security Assessment Tool?

How secure is your IT infrastructure? Especially now that many organisations have been affected by ransomware, DDoS attacks and phishing mails, it’s more important than ever that you check how effective your cyber security is. Ideally, you should do this on a regular basis because cyber attack techniques and malware develop continually. Also, one wrong mouse click can have huge consequences, without you even being aware of it. A regular assessment using the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) from QS solutions quickly provides you with an insight into potential cyber risks and helps you to decide how and where to improve your security measures.

The Cybersecurity assessment scans your entire company infrastructure including Microsoft 365 and Azure for potential vulnerabilities.

We scan, amongst other things, your patch management for devices and whether Windows has been configured correctly. We also check administrative privileges and external users in Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint. This is how the assessment accurately identifies the vulnerabilities in your security.

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool comes complete with a clear Plan to improve the cyber security in your organisation, exactly where it’s needed. It includes clear-cut technical and organisational measures so that you can get straight to work and use your limited resources effectively.


On premise

CSAT is installed on a server in your network.


Scans all laptops, desktops and servers in network.

Microsoft 365

Checks all services in use (and shared).


Insight into safe use of cloud platform.

(Azure) Active Directory

Evaluates the entire (Azure) Active Directory.

NIS2 compliance

Discover and bridge the gap in your NIS2 compliance with CSAT.

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