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An online workspace can’t function without a good reliable communication platform. In fact, communication should be at the very centre of your online systems. Because you want to offer your customers maximum availability. And you don’t want to turn your back on your colleagues either. That’s why many organisations already work with online platforms and use popular applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. The question is, do these applications deliver results? Are they really efficient enough? Could they be more secure? And are you making use of all the potential or are you missing opportunities?

At QS solutions, we know that you must make it as easy as possible for your employees. They shouldn’t have to use countless login codes for various applications and constantly switch between systems to get their work done. That’s not an efficient way to work. That’s why we’re constantly looking at ways to integrate applications and why we’re such a big Microsoft fan because it’s easy to link Microsoft application to each other. For example, you can link Teams to SharePoint and find all your files and communication in one easy to use dashboard. Microsoft also delivers all their apps on iOS, Android and Windows, for smartphones, tablets and desktop systems. So you’re always informed anytime, anyplace.

How does it work?

Ease of use really is number one at QS solutions. In the rapidly changing world of communication, end-users are often tempted to go along with the latest flashy app-trends which have an apparent high level of user friendliness. However, we’re aware that security is also important and know that it’s better to work with a strong and reliable business App than with an “public favourite” that doesn’t protect your data. So we help you discover the best communication applications so that secure communication is always possible – anywhere and from any device; you can always chat, call, discuss in video meetings, share files and (simultaneously) work on the same documents. And we deliver an attractive and convenient dashboard – making online communication even simpler.

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