Project and Portfolio management

Professional project-based activities

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Continuous insight in planning, resources, budget, issues, risks and progress.


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All project members working better together.

Project and Portfolio management in the cloud

Excel? You can do it by using the best Project and Portfolio management applications. Because that helps you to manage and control your projects easily. Smart applications help you monitor timely and correct execution of all underlying tasks. Of course, you want to manage your project as efficiently and effectively as possible. It doesn’t matter whether the project duration is short or long, the scope small or large, you want your teammates to hit their targets and get results. Preferably within the budget and planning objectives.

The best tools for Project and Portfolio management offer integrated functionality: budget management, progress reports, planning, collaboration tools , Gantt charts/timelines, Portfolio and Resource management.

The ideal situation, for example, is an overview of achieved and future milestones with all timesheets and kilometre registrations integrated. You want flexibility, but you also want a complete overview. And all tools combined in a single dashboard is the most user-friendly and insightful solution.

On the other hand, Project management software is continually evolving. ICT is constantly changing, based on new insights and innovative technology. Follow these developments, take advantage of the progress and you’ll gain a competitive advantage. You also want to make use of proven technology and practical workspaces that you can really count on. So you prefer to be up to date, always operational with your data secured at all times.

How does it work?

Anyone looking for a good cloud solution for project management is faced with a challenge. What’s the best for your organisation? You can rely on the expertise and experience we have at QS solutions. We have extensive experience in the implementation of robust Project management systems with cloud solutions for Project, Resource and Portfolio management. We make sure that our solutions are user friendly and do exactly what they need to do. We also configure the applications so that they match your working methods and processes perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Scrum, Agile or Lean or prefer to use the Kanban method: QS solutions has the project management solutions which will work for you.

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