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Work securely with Teams and SharePoint online.


Smart management of external users with regular (compliance) checks.

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Personal online dashboard with relevant Teams, SharePoint sites and apps.

What is PortalTalk?

Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint offer almost unlimited functionality but managing that functionality and all users is extremely time-consuming for the IT department. PortalTalk offers self-service functionality to authorised users. It enables them to create Teams and SharePoint sites themselves using standard templates and invite external users to online workspaces. Workspace owners receive periodic alerts: are all access and authorisations still correct? By outsourcing these activities to the end-users, the IT department saves time which can then be used to ensure maximum security measures. PortalTalk takes cares of all reviews and produces the reports required by IT.

PortalTalk makes online collaboration easier, faster and more secure. And, at the same time, it offers the end-users and IT administrator maximum ease of use.

PortalTalk is always accessible in Teams and SharePoint through the menu side-bar. One click on the PortalTalk icon and the end-user is presented with a tile-interface displaying SharePoint sites and/or Teams sorted by category. All workspaces have a uniform structure and user-friendly security functions. The template defines which users can access the workspace, whether external users are permitted and how often the period access review needs to be carried out. The IT department defines the standard and delivers the templates. This gives the end-users what they need quickly and the IT department can guarantee maximum security and management.


Access Reviews

Automatic periodic reviews of user access.


Auditable compliance thanks to Access Review reporting.

Authorised users

End-users have self-service to give external users access to workspaces.

Always available

Integrated App in Microsoft 365, always available.

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Product Owner PortalTalk
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