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Different functionalities deliver a wide range of options.


Security is key, that means only authorised users have access.


Optimal ease of use makes collaboration extremely simple.

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You can’t get anywhere on your own. That’s why unlimited and secure collaboration is the ideal situation. Especially now that working from home has become the norm, your organisation must make sure that a simple and safe way to work together is always possible. That presents quite a challenge, because a collaboration tool must never be an obstacle, everyone must be able to easily participate, join meetings, share documents, chat, mail etc. – that’s why the tool must be extremely user-friendly – and flexible. Because most employees don’t collaborate with the same people all of the time. There might be some international collaboration with internal or external parties, with colleagues, partners, suppliers and/or customers. The way we collaborate and which tools are handy also depend of the type of project.

This variety in requirements makes the selection of the right collaboration tool complicated. If you offer too little functionality, then there is a good chance that employees will start using applications outside your control. That results in you losing your grip on the information and documents that are being shared. If you offer a lot of functionality there is a risk that the gates are opened wide and then you have to ensure a good level of governance so that your data and applications are protected (on time) against access by unauthorised persons.

How does it work?

At QS solutions, we have been implementing digital collaboration workspaces for more than 20 (!) years. That means that we know what works and what doesn’t, which technologies can help your organisation out of a bad spot and which functionality will really help you collaborate. And we deliver tailored solutions, so that your organisation gets the most out of our solutions. For example, with an optimal configuration of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. That’s why we’re so keen to find out what your requirements are. What is the ideal collaboration system for you? Which applications are you currently using? And what do you need? We’ll apply our many years of experience to design the best online collaboration system for you. Your IT department will be involved and in control and we take care of the efficiency and ease of use.

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