Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT): conversation starter and deal clincher

Resolve have offered IT support and services within the Yorkshire region of the UK for over 17 years and are renowned for their expertise and award-winning customer service. They chose to partner with QS solutions when their latest bespoke security offering ‘Resolve Cloud Security’ was just getting off the ground.

Although each of the services offered by QS solutions ties in with Resolve’s offering, the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) has been the number one deal clincher. It was the launching platform for Resolve’s Cloud Security service and has served as a conversation starter with their customers ever since. The combination of the scan and the report allows Resolve to pinpoint the customer’s vulnerabilities and to illustrate key action points with tailored timelines and actionable next steps.

The Story of Resolve

Based in Sheffield, Resolve started as a one-man business in 2004 and have shown remarkable growth over the years, now being a thriving company consisting of 37 friendly and dedicated employees. Offering ‘technically excellent and super friendly’ IT services across Yorkshire and beyond, they are known for their transparent and honest approach to information technology. They’ve even developed their own customer satisfaction survey which proudly showcases their customer feedback live on their website!



As well as their IT Support offering, Resolve offers a wide range of IT services, from technical support, connectivity and communication to installation and protection. They partner with a number of leading IT technical bodies and are proud to be a Microsoft Silver Partner and a Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner.

The Resolve experts do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to IT support, and that’s why hundreds of organizations, from small start-ups to multimillion pound businesses and charities have chosen to work with them.

From Labour-Intensive to Effortless

So what was the challenge that Resolve faced? Jude Coulthard, Commercial Director at Resolve commented: “Our security monitoring service, Resolve Cloud Security, was initially set out to rely on labour-intensive client onboarding sessions to produce meaningful reports. Needless to say, this wasn’t a sustainable business model in the long run.

QS solutions’ Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) provided the much-needed solution to this challenge, as it automates a large portion of the monitoring and reporting process. As a result, we are now able to effortlessly help hundreds of clients on their way to a more secure IT infrastructure.”

Why Resolve Chose QS solutions

QS solutions were referred to Resolve by an existing partner relation. After careful comparison and assessment of a few similar tools, the decision for CSAT was easily made. The simplicity and effectiveness of the tool, as well as its competitive price point, provided the deciding factors.

How QS solutions Responded

The partnership between the two companies was quickly established. QS solutions proved very responsive and easy to work with. Within a matter of only a few days, Resolve was up and running, ready to deploy CSAT to revolutionize their security services.

The Results

Jude Coulthard: “We now have CSAT built into our services as part of the onboarding process. The information it provides is invaluable in kicking off the conversations with our customers, as it clearly demonstrates the security vulnerabilities and areas that require attention. The service complements our security practice perfectly.”

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