Ella Gud – global partner manager, world traveler and artist

In this series we introduce our team to you one by one. What is their role within QS solutions? Who are they as a person? Why are they a match with the organization? And what do they actually do in their spare time? This will give you, as a customer, business partner or new colleague, an idea of ​​the people behind our logo!

In today’s spotlight:

Ella Gud – global partner manager, world traveler and artist



Just a cup of coffee

Ella adds an international touch to the QS solutions team. She is Russian and joined about a year and a half ago as the Global Partner Manager. Before that, she lived in China, where she worked in the entertainment and music sector.

Ella didn’t have a background in IT. She had considered it for a future career, though, and the move to the Netherlands turned out to be the perfect time. “Moving to the Netherlands was a big change anyway, so the idea of also changing sectors was a natural one.”

“A lack of IT knowledge was definitely not a deal breaker”


During the informal introductory meeting (“I just went there for a coffee!”), it turned out that Ella’s lack of IT experience was definitely not a deal breaker. On the contrary! QS solutions was looking for someone with knowledge of different cultures and languages, as well as the communication skills that are indispensable for an international role. In that regard, Ella was the perfect candidate, and the contract was signed soon afterwards.

Lasting relationships

In her role as Global Partner Manager, Ella supports partners worldwide in becoming familiar with QS solutions’ various products and solutions. What she enjoys most is developing lasting relationships with the partners. That simply works much better than a one-off collaboration. She has the freedom to introduce new programs and different strategies. Thanks to such initiatives, the partners have a much better understanding of how to make the different products a strategic part of their business model, which is a major contributor to success.

Ella explains: “A good example is the use of CSAT, QS solutions’ Cyber ​​Security Assessment Tool. When this product is applied strategically rather than “just trying it out”, you immediately see the added value to the partner’s business model.”

Not a 9-to-5 job

The way of working at QS solutions is completely different from what Ella was used to in China. Although she also traveled extensively for work at the time, she was expected to be in the office between these on-site jobs. To clock in in the morning and clock out again at the end of the day. “Unnecessarily old-fashioned,” she laughs.

Now she has the freedom to decide for herself where and when she works. This means that she can occasionally accompany her boyfriend when he goes on a business trip abroad. She loves that!

“Great to be able to decide for myself where and when I work!”


Because traveling is one of Ella’s great passions. Getting to know new places and cultures depending on where the wind blows – sometimes quite literally! The fact that she can now explore the world as part of her job is a dream come true. Of course, this is no problem at all with partners that are in very different time zones.

Attention to body and mind

Outside working hours, you will often find Ella holding a paint brush. She likes to paint and draw, which not only provides relaxation, but also promotes her creativity. A creativity that she can then apply in her work to think out of the box and find solutions that are not always obvious.

She also does a lot of yoga, as it is good for her spiritual and physical health. “It teaches you to better understand your body and to look for your limits.”

Ella about QS solutions

“When I first started at QS solutions, I had absolutely no experience in IT and felt a bit overwhelmed by all the new information! Moreover, everything was different from what I was used to in China.

But thanks to the team, I immediately felt super welcome! Everyone was incredibly helpful, and right from the start I was asked for my opinion and input, and really taken seriously. Moreover, I was given plenty of time to gain the relevant knowledge: no one expected me to give presentations until I was 100% comfortable with that. That was very nice!

“Always fun at the office”


QS solutions offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. The people who work there are all self-starters who shape their own activities. It’s all about the results, not about being physically present in the office, although it’s always a lot of fun there!

It really is a great place for young people, even those without experience in IT or cyber security. Everyone is given the opportunity to grow within the company and to try different roles to see what suits best. Even if Dutch is not your first language, you’ll feel right at home. I’m the living example of that! Whether it’s about learning the language and culture, gaining professional knowledge, or taking the civic integration course, QS solutions supports me all the way!”


Is your company interested in becoming a partner of QS solutions? Or would you like to join the QS solutions team like Ella did, and are you curious about the career opportunities? Let us know! We’d love to talk to you.