The power of knowledge

At QS solutions, we stand for delivering quality Microsoft services and in-house developed software, with the aim of increasing the productivity of organizations without jeopardizing the security of systems and data. Of course, that doesn’t happen by itself.

We know all too well that the success of every organization stands or falls by the knowledge and skills of its employees. Ours too. Every day, our employees strive to provide the best possible service to our customers worldwide.


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That is why the team is number 1 in our business operations. And as knowledge development is an integral part of that, we give our employees the space to keep growing.

Udemy Business: the moest popular online learning marketplace

As part of this, we recently acquired a business license from Udemy, one of the largest providers of online courses worldwide. Udemy’s mission is to provide flexible, effective skills development to empower organizations and individuals.


“The Udemy Business license is a direct investment in the knowledge development of our team.

It’s a win-win for our people and the success of our company!”


Fergus Keith, Commercial Director at QS Solutions


The Udemy license allows everyone within the QS solutions team to attend unlimited online training. Not only to further expand their Microsoft knowledge, but also to continue to grow in other areas. There are courses on time management, presentation skills, programming languages, business writing, personal development and much more. It’s all possible through Udemy!

As a result, our team becomes a little wiser with every course, which not only contributes to their personal development and career opportunities, but also to the success of our company!


At QS solutions we are always looking for new talent to strengthen our team. We not only have opportunities for people with relevant knowledge and experience, but also for enthusiastic graduates who simply want to get started! We give you the time and space to pick up the necessary skills along the way.

Would you like to join our team whilst continuing to work on developing your business and personal knowledge and skills? Send us a message via LinkedIn or send an email to We’ll be happy to tell you about the possibilities!