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Your tailored business App

You might want to improve customer service and you’re looking for an App that will help you to deal with calls effectively. So that, for example, all requests are registered properly and routed quickly to the correct department in your organisation. Or you want or implement professional stock control and you’re looking for an App which will help to make sure that you and your customers always find what you need. If you do the research, there are hundreds of Apps for all sorts of tasks and processes. Even so, it can be a challenge to find a standard App which does exactly what your organisation requires.

If you can’t find an application which is the answer to your specific requirements then you have three options: do the best you can with an App which isn’t quite right, make changes to an existing App or develop a new App. The first option is, of course, not sustainable, but changing an existing App or even developing a new application can certainly help. And the opportunities are endless, you can have Apps developed for maintenance planning, onboarding, distribution plans, time reporting, visitor registration and reservations and, of course, for management tasks or handling incidents.

How does it work?

The perfect App for your organisation doesn’t exist yet. But at QS solutions, we can help you with that. We know that developing your own App or changing an existing App can be a long and expensive process. Especially if you can’t develop any code yourself. We do things differently. We have years of experience and extensive expertise in developing and maintaining Apps. Making changes to Apps or developing one to your specifications therefore takes us a relatively short time. We develop Apps using the Microsoft Power Apps platform. This helps us to develop an affordable App quickly and to your specifications which can also be completely integrated with other Microsoft applications. What more could you want?

Your own business App

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