Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Protect your organization from advanced threats

Protect my organization


Secure sensitive data in apps


Manage and detect threats in apps


Full visibility into SaaS apps

What is Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps?

Protect your apps and data with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. This is a software that secures your SaaS apps, meaning it protects your applications in the cloud.

You get a complete overview of all the apps your company uses and ensures that your employees only use trusted and secure applications.

In addition, you can classify and protect sensitive information so that it is safe when not in use, in use and when data is transferred. It enables your employees to safely access and view files in the apps they use.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps also allows you to control which apps have access to sensitive data and how they communicate with each other. This helps you to detect suspicious activity and protect you against sophisticated attacks.

Best of all, it allows you to work more efficiently and save up to 60% compared to using multiple separate security solutions.

With Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, you can detect Shadow-IT, protect sensitive data, detect threats and perform real-time monitoring to keep your organization safe.



Protect sensitive data across all apps


Advanced threat detection and detection


Real-time threat protection in access points


Insight into behavior Microsoft 365 apps


Protection against advanced attacks with app signals


Explore app governance for security and policy

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