Microsoft Defender for Identity

Protect your organization from advanced threats

Protect my organization


Protection of identities and login credentials.


Detection of advanced threats in real-time.


Provides visibility into organizational threats.

What is Microsoft Defender for Identity?

Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based security solution that helps you detect and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities and malicious actions within your organization.

Defender for Identity lets you monitor and analyze users, entities and activities with adaptive built-in intelligence and machine learning-based analytics. It identifies abnormal behaviors and suspicious activity in real-time and provides insight into the threats your organization faces.

Furthermore, it protects your users’ identities and login credentials stored in Active Directory. It provides valuable insights into the configuration of identities and security measures.

Defender for Identity also provides a clear incident timeline for quickly triaging threats and identifying suspicious activity throughout the cyber-attack-kill chain, from reconnaissance to lateral movement to achieving domain dominance.

Through its seamless integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity provides an additional layer of security for detecting and protecting against advanced persistent threats on the operating system.

In short, Microsoft Defender for Identity is a powerful tool to detect and investigate advanced threats and improve your organization’s security.



Analyzes users, entities, and activities


Protects identities and login credentials


Cloud-based security solution


Detection of advanced threats


Automatic response to threats


Seamless integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

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