Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

More deals, higher productivity, new leads

Choose success


Realtime insight into your sales process.


Surprise your prospects: always be a step ahead.

Ease of use

Make it easy for your sales with smart integrations and AI.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Success doesn’t come by chance. It’s all about making smart decisions at the right time, when it really matters. You have an opportunity to make a difference every time you contact your customer. And Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help. When you have all the information you need about your prospects in front of you, you’ll take advantage of all your sales opportunities. That’s how you can help your sales reps to surprise potential customers and convince them about your products or services. And your salesforce is leading in deciding how to configure the CRM system: they learn how to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales step by step so that they can participate in determining the right configuration. How CRM works is defined by their requirements – QS solutions makes sure of that.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales makes things easy for your salesforce For example, Sales Reps can dictate visit reports and register all sales opportunities quickly and easily. They’re also given insight into their pipeline and the next steps to be taken. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales also provides smart sales tips using artificial intelligence and the integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in addition to handy links to other data from Microsoft 365. That lets you develop your relationships better and demonstrate personal involvement.


Contact management

Complete overview of all relevant aspects of your accounts.

Exploit opportunities

Insight into the sales status and advice about the best actions to take.

Smart implementation

Workshops, on-site support and training videos help with user adoption.

CRM consultants

Implemented by Microsoft certified experts in marketing, customer service and sales.

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