Microsoft Identity Manager

Comprehensive Identity management

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Powerful issue-free control over all digital identities.

Guest Users

Secure online collaboration with partners and customers.


On- and Offboarding users has never been so simple.

What is Microsoft Identity Manager?

Strong identity management is the foundation of good security. Management of identities and the access granted doesn’t always have to be a manual process. Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) provides you with strong on-premise Identity & Access management with comprehensive support from QS solutions. So you don’t have to implement hot-fixes or connector updates yourself. Guest user access is also made simple and extra secure thanks to a Single Sign-on with on-premise access to certain company applications and data. In other words, it gives you control of all identities and access rights in all applications.

Microsoft Identity Manager ensures that the data for identities and access rights is consistent over all applications, systems and directories.

MIM can also synchronise passwords and automatically create the accounts and permissions necessary for on-premise applications. The solution fits perfectly in the Identity & Access Lifecycle, of on–boarding new employees to off-boarding colleagues leaving the organisation. Microsoft Identity Manager ensures that access to on-premise and cloud applications is granted or revoked in time. Microsoft Identity Manager also makes digital collaboration with partners and customers easier. And the IT department is no longer overrun with support requests because Microsoft Identity Manager offers end users self-service functionality to secure or reset their accounts.


Identity Lifecycle Management

Matching workflows, business rules and integration with HR-systems.


End users can request access or user rights to applications and securely reset passwords.

Role-Based Access Control

Automated access based on the employees role.

Role Mining

Smart access to systems based on access rights for defined end-user groups.

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