Microsoft Power Apps

Anyone can create professional apps

Get started quickly

Ready to go

Creating your own apps is made easy by pre-configured templates.


AI-functionality ensures professional operation.

Extra functions

Extensions by professional developers is possible.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Many manual company processes are costing your organisation time and money. The solution: transform these into digital, automated processes. It’s simple and quick with Microsoft Power Apps. This simple development platform enables you to create your own applications to automate time-consuming tasks or replace outdated processes, tailored perfectly to your requirements. With low to zero code, you can easily create apps that modernise your processes and save you time.

Microsoft Power Apps offers a large number of pre-configured templates to help you get started with automating your processes. All you have to do is ‘drag and drop’ these onto the Power Apps canvas. You can always make changes at a later date and that means that you can continually improve the working of the app.

Using Microsoft Power Apps, you can also create apps with the type of advanced functionality and AI components which used to be available only to professional developers. That helps you to create apps with rich functionality.

The user experience is the most important element of Microsoft Power Apps. You can customise every detail of your app according to specific tasks and roles. Want to get more out of your app? Then you can give the tools to professional developers so that they can extend the app functionality even more. With Azure Functions, for example, and modified connectors to cloud or on-premise systems.


Pre-configured templates

Get started right away using templates.

Drag and drop

Customising templates is quick and easy using drag and drop.


Ready to use AI-components for advanced functionality.

Professional developers

Professional developers can extend app functionality, For example, by using Azure Functions.

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