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Data visualisation

Control your planning, budget, resources, issues, risks and progress.


Create new dashboards quickly and easily with new links.

User friendly

Build clear and easy-to-share dashboards with just a few clicks.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI enables you to collect and present data smarter, quicker and more efficiently. That saves time and provides a clear insight into your current situation. With automatic links, the risk of errors or outdated data is minimised. Various tools for data modelling make it easy for you to decide exactly which data you want to see and combine. You can also transform or enrich data in order to present results more clearly. Power BI gives you reliable information, presented clearly and tailored to your company standards and KPI’s. That’s a great basis for your company to build on.

Microsoft Power BI combines countless analytics tools and data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud. That means that you can integrate data seamlessly from, for example, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel and SharePoint. In one single platform, you can collect data, research it and, for example, recognise patterns which you might otherwise have missed. Functions like fast calculations, grouping, forecasting and clustering data offer powerful understanding and new insights. Visual analytics present the results from the data more clearly. Reports can also be shared easily and optimised for mobile devices. That means that you always have rich, interactive reports with visual analytics at hand.


Interactive reports

Model your data into secure, easy-to-share and valuable reports, tailored to your KPI’s and company standards.

Data sources

Integrate information from different sources and present it in one single dashboard

Data visualisation

Present data clearly with one mouse click – you can even stream it real-time.

Always accurate

Automatic data collection minimises risk of out-of-date or incorrect information.

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