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Information Security

Restrict access to sensitive information and minimize risk of data breaches


Increase productivity with better collaboration and workflow through secure data exchange


Easily comply with laws and regulations with automated security measures.

What is Purview Information Protection?

Discover the power of Microsoft Purview Information Protection – a complete solution that allows you to easily manage and protect corporate data. Whether it’s financial information or customer data, Purview Information Protection provides a secure and reliable way to manage and protect it.

Minimize risk and comply with laws and regulations

With Purview Information Protection, you can easily identify and classify sensitive information. You can then set policies to ensure that this information is only accessible to authorized users. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures regulatory compliance.

Improve your organization’s workflow and productivity

Purview Information Protection also makes managing data easier. You can easily see what data is available and who has access to it. This helps you optimize your business processes and increase productivity.

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Purview Information Protection today and protect your business data efficiently and securely!


Advanced encryption

Protect sensitive data with advanced encryption for privacy and confidentiality

Identification and classification

Protect sensitive information from unauthorized access with automatic identification and classification

Access control policies

Restrict access to sensitive information with policies based on roles and responsibilities

Monitoring and reporting

Monitor and report on access to sensitive information for proactive security management

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