Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Limit access to sensitive information

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Sensitive information

Limit access to sensitive information.

Security Risks

Minimize security risks in your organization.

Access management

Efficient access management with meticulous control.

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Do you want to securely manage, monitor and control access to important information or resources within your organization? Then Azure AD Privileged Identity Management is the solution you’re looking for.

With Privileged Identity Management, you minimize the number of people who have access to sensitive information or resources. This reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to sensitive data or authorized users accidentally performing wrong actions. However, you can still perform privileged actions in Azure AD, Azure, Microsoft 365 or SaaS apps.

With Privileged Identity Management, you can grant privileged access to users on a Just-In-Time basis and manage access with start and end dates and approval processes. You can also require multiple authentication methods and grounds for activating privileged roles. In addition, you receive notifications when privileged roles are activated and can perform access reviews to verify that users still have the correct roles.

As an administrator, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management lets you manage tasks, manage roles and monitor activity. So you can easily set up and manage the program to maintain your organization’s security.


Time based access

Access to resources within a specific time period.

Just-In-Time Access

Temporary access to authorized users based on their needs.

Approval Process

Activate authorized roles based on administrator approval.

Multiple Verification

Additional layer of security by requiring multiple verification steps.

Access Assessments

Monitor and evaluate privileged access permissions.

Verification history

Detailed history of privileged access activities.

Managing Azure AD roles

Assign privileged roles to users in Azure AD.

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